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This years current annoying trend: 3D films.
This annoys me for one reason, most people don't want to see films in 3D, it's forced upon us, and it stands on one man's door...
James Cameron.

Avatar was one of the most blockbusting films for a decade, it made more money in one month than titanic did... ever.
But the 3D effect would've been overlooked if the film (which is essentially dancing with wolves crossed with Pocahontas -in space) was any good. Many of the panning sequences and flying shots were shoved in just to show of the 3D effect.

It gets worse, every tom,dick and harry jumped in, even the most lowly director, to use 3D as a tool to cover up terrible acting, scripting, story and directing and an overall terrible experience.

They're even shoving them in our games as well?! Yes, whether we want it or not, we have to put up with it in our games the nintendo 3DS (imaginative, guys) an entirely 3D handheld console has recorded record selling in America. This annoys me because i'm a fan of nintendo, and the last couple of years, except for super smash bros. and perhaps fire emblem, they've produced some stinkers, and have produced this console for the same reason the film directors are.

The New nintendo home console will be the same, emulating a 3D experience so you don't need to own a 3D television, better than nothing i suppose. They've at least gone half way so you don't have to buy a £1500 TV just to play some games. Pc games aren't so forgiving, if you want to play in 3D, you need to own a 3D hardware ( like Nvidia's 3D vision) and a 3D compatible monitor (retailing upwards of £300). This is expensive just to play the sequel to one of your much loved series. And we won't have the choice of turning these settings off, like we can choose to now, it's to stay and we have to have the software and hardware otherwise we lose out. We'll soon be seeing Fable -in 3D! and final fantasy -in 3D!

The writers will get half assed, and they'll be paid less, because most of the money will be going to the 3D division!

What's worse is 20% of the population can't see 3D properly or at all. I can't see 3D because of the fact i'm shortsighted in one eye. The Viewers and gamers have to suffer because of a money making trend which is what always happens.
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